Diary of the Red Apple

Choreography : Yutaka Nakata
Interpret : Solo by 2 females dancers

Music : Pol Desmurs
Scenography : Lilian Daubisse

Production : DIEM company
In partnership : CCN Roubaix, Atelier-culture La Piscine Dunkerque
Excutive production : CCN Roubaix MEA Music Expression Animation, HSL Hempire Scene Logic
With the suppport of :
CCN Roubaix / Red brick project

: 35 min

Solo for a woman...

In search of (her own) Nature. The secret, the red apple, writes itself. Evolves through its emotional forms. Time goes on and mystery remains around this fruit carrying a dream, as a diary.

It's the story of a dance, but also of a purification ritual whose character / protagonist is a woman.
Dance that stands as an antidote against the pain of a suffering earth, unrestrained, the "Pizzica" rinses the negativities of the world and the soul.