Nakata Ballet Theater

Since 2001, Yutaka's target is to develop a direct channel from Europe to Japan, bringing contemporary choreographers and dancers. Nakata Ballet Theater school, directed by Yayoi Nakata, presents his final performance in Himeji each season.
Since then, it has had a very large approval between the Japanese people.

Performed creation by Yutaka Nakata
"Mosaic", "DIAGRAM" : For students of NBT school

"Image Distraction", "No Words"
"Terminus trio", "Diary of the red Apple"
"Trace of an Introspection"

Invited choreographer
Gesine Moog : "Etwas Dahinter"
David Middendorp : "Dreamsketch"
Caroline Finn : "Craving the seamstress"

Invited dancers
Gesine Moog, Rita Soares, David Russo
Markus Heckel, Alan Brooks, Caroline Finn
Antonia Vitti, Chloe Beillevaire, Clementine Vanlerberghe