Looking for a spontaneous and expressive movement in space.

Imagining a field as a stage for performance. Improvising the motion, playing with an object and theme to share an untold story by the artist.
The main goal for this project is to be "IN Action". The dancers intention is to tell the story by movement as a language, sustaining the emotion by their own body.
The body must be used as an object of movement, free to give a speech at an open space.

What the dancer owns is the language of movement.
Time and space is their blank paper.
Seeking their free expression at the right moment, Yutaka shots to capture and create a scene like making a dance show.
"Choreography in Photography" is a movement made eternal in a snapshot.


vesper 5        black sand glide 2
     09/2023 - Sara Orselli          04/2023 - Celine Maufroid 


ruin statue 1        pipeline10
11/2022 - Sonia Alkhadir              10/2022 - Alexis Ochin     

carry the brush -15        lingering3
    10/2022 - Fanny Coulm      07/2022 - Chinatsu Kosakatani  

art&artist:windy3        rock skirt
06/2022 - Gesine Moog     06/2022 - Sylvie Gehin Karlsson


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